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yale college requirementsFounded in 1701, Yale College is Yale University’s undergraduate college. This constituent college is the third oldest institution in the United States and the original school of Yale University. Yale College’s faculty are members of the Yale Faculty of Arts & Sciences, and as such they are jointly affiliated with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Yale is made up of a dependent system of residential colleges which students are randomly assigned to upon admission. Established in 1933, thanks to a donation from a graduate of Yale, the system mirrors the collegiate structure of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Every college is made up of a dormitory building(s) with a courtyard, as well as a dining hall, library and student facilities. The Williams colleges are each led by a chief administrator known as a Master, along with a Dean who is in charge of student’s academic affairs. Although very similar to the English college systems of Oxbridge, the colleges do not administer academic programs.yale college requirements

In the US News & World Report 2015 rankings, Yale was third amongst all US Universities. Worldwide it is ranked fourth by the QS World University Rankings.

Alumni Yale’s notable alumni include no less than five US Presidents and innumerable actors and great prominent people within their fields.

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Yale College Undergraduate Admission Help:

2013-2014 Figures:

Academic Staff 4140
Graduate Students 6501
Undergraduates 5379
Location New Haven, Connecticut, United States



YES – Click Here for Yale Financial Information


YES – Click Here For Yale Financial Information

Yale College Admission Requirements:

  • Test Results: “The middle 50% of test scores The 25th to the 75th percentiles, the middle 50% of scores for SATs are: Verbal: 710-800, Math: 710-790, Writing: 720-800. For the ACT they are: 32-35
  • Essay Submissions: Applicants to Yale are asked to write two essays. One of 650 words and one of 500. See here for the essay prompts for 2014-15 applications.

Other documents needed:

    • A completed application form: The Common Applicationwhich will include questions specific to Yale. Applicants write two essays in addition to writing about their extracurricular activities in the spaces provided.
    • School Report: This will include your transcript and should be provided by the school Counsellor.
    • Two teacher recommendations: These are submitted electronically. Use the Common Applications, “Assign Recommenders” feature. To email your teachers.
    • Standardized Testing: Yale requires the SAT with two SAT subject tests or the ACT with the additional writing test.
    • Application fee: $80, or a fee waiver, for those experiencing financial hardship.
    • Midyear report: This is due when the grades for the first semester or trimester are available.
    • International Students Language Requirements: International Applicants should see the following page for an accurate list of admissions requirements: International Student Admissions Information
    • Additional information: Application Deadlines.

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