Writing Georgetown University Transfer Essay

If you are applying as a Georgetown University transfer, a Boston university transfer or university of Michigan transfer, you need to accomplish the Transfer Application as well as the Transfer Application Supplement before the deadline. You can submit the requirements through their online portal which is easier to monitor both on your end as well as in the University’s. You can check whether you’ve accomplished all the needed papers and essays anytime you want prior to the deadline. The school will be assessing your profile as you submit your transcripts, diplomas, and other necessary documents to determine whether you are qualified for the program you are transferring to.

Steps to Applying as a Georgetown University Transfer

For those who want to transfer to Georgetown University, you need to follow these four steps:

  • Complete the Transfer Application –The Transfer Application is where you will build your online profile for the school as well as help you track what other documents or forms you need to accomplish to complete your transfer application.
  • Create Your Profile –You will need to create a profile where you will be given a unique ID number that you can use to complete your Transfer Application Supplement.
  • Submit Request Form – You should submit the request form for Dean’s report, Secondary School Report, and Professor’s Report. You will have to ask for the email of these people from your school so they can submit their report to the university.
  • Submit Transfer Application Supplement – This is where you will be asked to write an essay just like in University of Michigan. The essay portion is critical in your application since it can be used to gauge your ability to think, as well as your communication skills

How to Write the Best Essay for Your Georgetown University Transfer Application

Most transfer students worry about writing an essay because they feel that their writing isn’t as impressive as they want it to be. What makes this task more challenging is that they will be competing with other students who are applying as transfer students too. Although essay writing can be difficult at times especially when you want to impress the admissions officer, there are ways to simplify this task without compromising the quality of your work.

  • georgetown university transferKnow your topic – Understanding what is asked of you in the essay portion of your application can help you come up with a layout of your essay.
  • Stay focused – A good essay is one that doesn’t move from one topic to the next without proper transition. See to it that your sentences flow into one another.
  • Share a bit of your personality – The University would like to know more about you and you can show them who you are through your writing. Adding personality to your writing can help make it more interesting to read.
  • Stick to the format – Depending on the essay that you are required to write, make sure that you follow the format including the word count.
  • Always proofread – Proofreading your work is important. This way, you’ll be able to spot all the errors you might have made when writing your essay.

Improve Your Essay

Since the essay portion of your Georgetown University transfer plays a factor in deciding whether you are qualified for the school, you need to put a lot of effort into it. The pressure is high for you to deliver a well written essay which is why applying the tips mentioned above is worth it as they help guide you in writing your essay from start to finish.