Writing An Essay About Why Do You Want To Be Famous

Writing An Essay About Why Do You Want To Be FamousStages of writing a why do you want to be famous essay

Writing an essay about why do  you want to be famous can be done in a 3 stage process. The stages are:

  • Writing preparation
  • Writing
  • Revising and editing

Preparation for writing the essay

Before you begin writing the actual essay there are some things you should do first. Your preparation work will include the following:

  • Research – Do some research on why people want to be popular. Examine the reasons others desire fame as well as looking at your own. Is it the celebrity lifestyle? Desire for respect? Research some of the benefits famous people receive. Also research the cons of being famous.
  • Develop a thesis statement – You have been given the starting point of “why do you want to be famous?” As a thesis “I want to be famous” is too broad. Narrow it down based on your reasons for wanting fame.
  • Once you have a thesis, outline your essay. The essay is essentially your supporting argument for your thesis. You will provide points supporting your thesis statement.

Writing the essay about why do you want to be famous

When you write your essay it should be structured in the way you feel best supports your argument. In this way llm personal statement can be really helpful and useful for you. The following is a basic outline that is often used for essay writing:

  • Introduction – Provide some basic background and state your thesis. “I want to be famous because of the exciting lifestyle” or whatever thesis you have come up with.
  • Body – The body makes up the biggest portion of your essay. It is where you will make the argument in support of your thesis. Each paragraph in the body should be 1 point in support of your thesis. Begin every paragraph with the statement that is your point. The rest of the paragraph should support the first sentence.
  • Conclusion – Summarize your points and restate your thesis.

Revising and editing the “why do you want to be famous” essay

After you have completed the first draft of your essay it needs to go through a revision and editing process. This consists of the following:

  • Revising – Deals with the overall presentation. Some of the things to look at include 1) did you make your points in a logical order. 2) Did you provide sufficient information 3) did you provide evidence to back up all your statements. Revise and rewrite until you feel you have made the strongest case possible in support of your thesis.
  • Editing – Editing deals with mechanical issues of the essay such as spelling and grammatical errors and is the final step in the process.

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You should now have an essay that makes a compelling case for your wanting to be famous.