Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Study Psychology

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Study PsychologyPurpose of the personal statement about why do you want to study psychology

If you plan to major in psychology, it is almost certain that a personal statement about your reasons for wanting to study psychology will be required. There are some questions that admissions committees will want to see answered in your personal statement. Those questions are:

  • Why do you want to study psychology?
  • Why did you decide on the psychology program at their school?
  • What are your career goals?
  • What qualities do you have that will make you a success in their psychology program?

The question of why would you want to study psychology is intended to determine your motivation, commitment and sincerity to the path you have chosen, as that gives some indication of how well you will do in the program. In addition, you may find more information about writing an essay about why do you want to be famous or any other one by visiting our site.

What to include in your personal statement

Before writing personal statement, you should take time to examine your reasons for wanting to study psychology. Why do people want to study psychology has many possible reasons. Your personal statement needs to give yours. When you write your personal statement, include the following:

  • Short and long term career goals. Give some specific goals that you have.
  • Reasons you chose this psychology program over others. Give specific reasons. Just saying you are applying because it is a good school isn’t enough.
  • Show a connection between your career goals and being accepted into the psychology program you are applying for.
  • Specific reasons for studying psychology. This must be covered. If you can’t provide your reasons then it is unlikely you will be accepted. However, avoid using “because I want to help people” or “I like working with people” as reasons.
  • Personal anecdote or story. Using a personal story from your past is a good way for you to show your reasons for choosing psychology as a major, or of giving examples of qualities or skills that would make you an asset to the program. Personal anecdotes also make your essay more interesting and memorable.

Writing the why do you want to study psychology personal statement

Every person will have their own style and story, but the following tips and suggestions can be used by anybody when writing their personal statement:

  • Be specific. Always provide examples to back up what you say.
  • Do your research. Take the time to seriously examine both the field of psychology and the psychology program of the school to which you are applying.
  • Write in a clear concise manner. Avoid long flowery sentences with big words.
  • Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors.

On a final note, allow yourself plenty of time for writing your personal statement as it is an important part of the application process or you can just order personal statement help on our website.