Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Become A Nurse

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Become A NurseThe importance of explaining why do you want to become a nurse

When you apply to a nursing program, one of the admissions requirements will most likely be a personal statement. The personal statement should provide answers to the question why do you want to become a nurse. If you want to have assistance, you are welcome to use mit statement of purpose, which can be really very useful.To make a good impression your personal statement should convey the following information:

  • Your reasons for wanting to be a nurse. There are many ways to answer the question why do you want to be a nurse. It is important to provide your honest motivations and not just generic responses if you want to be memorable and stand out.
  • Qualities and skills you have that make you suitable for the nursing profession. Academic qualifications are covered in your transcripts and test scores. Individual characteristics such as responsibility, maturity and dedication are the types of things admissions are looking for.
  • Experiences that have brought you into contact with the nursing field. Volunteer work or other activities that demonstrate you understand the realities of the nursing field.

Writing the personal statement about why do you want to become a nurse

Everybody has their own reasons for choosing nursing as a career, as well as their own qualities and experiences. The following are some general guidelines that will help you display your personal information:

  • Use an attention getting introduction. Make the reader want to keep reading.
  • Be specific and use examples. If you state you have a strong work ethic provide an example that demonstrates your work ethic.
  • Develop a theme or focus. It is impossible to cover everything. Choose one or two points to focus on.
  • Use a personal anecdote to make a point or provide an example. It will make your personal statement, would it be a personal statement about why do you want to study nursing or why do you want to study medicine, more memorable and interesting.

Things to avoid in your personal statement

When you write your personal statement avoid making the following common mistakes:

  • Using long, complicated sentences and big words you wouldn’t normally use. This is a mistake often made in the hopes it will impress. It won’t. Use simple sentences that clearly convey your meaning and get directly to the point.
  • Using clichés. Avoid clichés in your personal statement. Tell about you in your own words.
  • Disorganization or not having a point. Try listing the points you want to make in the order you want to make them. Use the list to stay focused.
  • Spelling and grammatical errors. Proofread your personal statement. Basic spelling and grammatical errors are unacceptable.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the personal statement in the admissions process. Take the necessary time to write a personal statement that will make the right impression!