Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be an Oncology Nurse

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be an Oncology NurseThe importance of fully answering your personal statement prompt; “why do you want to be an oncology nurse?”

Applying for a nursing course you will be asked to provide a personal statement. This is probably the most important part of your application as it is the only place where you get the chance to explain exactly who you are and why you really want to be an oncology nurse. By writing a well thought out personal statement you can almost certainly guarantee yourself a place on your chosen course. You will be provided with a question such as “why do you want to be an oncology nurse?” as a prompt against which to write your statement. Far to0 often though students get so hung up on how they should write their statement that they actually forget to answer the question. Not answering the question will not help your application at all, you must ensure that you answer it very carefully and fully, whether you write a personal statement about why do you want to be a neonatal nurse or about why do you want to be a dental nurse.

Answering “why do you want to be an oncology nurse?”

If your prompt or question is “why be an oncology nurse?” or something similar you need to ensure that your personal statement actually answers this question. Your personal statement needs to focus on this question while providing the reader with all of the information that they need to bring them to the conclusion that you should be chosen for a place. Your answers should cover;

  • When and how you became interested in being an oncology nurse
  • How your interests have evolved; maybe you started out wanting to be a nurse so show how you became interested in the field of oncology and why
  • Show that you will follow this as your career; they are not going to train someone that has no intention of following this career
  • Prove through clear examples that you have all of the attributes that they are looking for
  • Explain why you want to study on their specific course

Writing the best oncology personal statement

It is not enough to just answer why do you want to be an oncology nurse, you have to also write in a way that is going to impress the reader and make yourself memorable. This means writing something that is engaging and also completely free of errors. You can do this by;

  • Find a theme that can hold everything that you write together, a holiday, a family emergency, etc.
  • Ensure that your opening lines are highly engaging and get the reader’s attention, but don’t try to shock
  • Provide a clear conclusion that answers the prompt “why do you want to be an oncology nurse?”
  • Remove all errors by proofreading and reading your personal statement out loud

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