Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse Practitioner

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse PractitionerWhy do you want to be a nurse practitioner?

Many nurses today are taking the necessary steps to become nurse practitioners and many others are considering the possibility. If you are one of them you will be expected to write a personal statement that answers the question “Why do you want to be a nurse practitioner?” Schools offering nurse practitioner programs want to understand your motives for becoming a nurse practitioner to determine if you are committed to achieving NP status and if you have the qualities that would make a good nurse practitioner.

What should be included in the nurse practitioner personal statement

The personal statement you submit is a chance for you to show admissions committees why you should be admitted into their program. To do this your personal statement about why do you want to become a nurse or nurse practitioner should cover the following issues:

  • Why do you want to become a nurse practitioner? You need to provide specific reasons and examples for your decision. Whether it is for increased responsibility, career advancement or any other reason or combination of reasons, provide your motivation for your decision.
  • What qualifies you to be a nurse practitioner? Intangible qualities that aren’t reflected in transcripts and resumes, such as the ability to take responsibility for your actions, are the type of characteristics you need to show.
  • Provide evidence that you understand what the realities of being a nurse practitioner are. Talk to nurse practitioners and shadow them during the course of their working day. Your personal statement should reflect what you have learned from contact with nurse practitioners rather than be a list of what a NP does.

Writing the nurse practitioner personal statement

The information regarding your reasons, goals and qualities should be presented in the best way possible to make the right impression. The following guidelines can help with writing your “Why do you want to be a nurse practitioner?” personal statement:

  • Develop a theme for your personal statement. Choose 2 or 3 points and make them your focus, as it will be impossible to cover everything.
  • Be specific. Avoid general statements as they don’t really provide information about you. Use specific examples and facts that back up your statements.
  • Use stories and personal anecdotes as a way of providing examples and making your points. They are more interesting and more memorable. Being remembered is critical to being accepted.
  • Be clear and be brief. Avoid long statements and big words. Use simple language that is easily understood and get directly to the point you want to make.
  • Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. They will quickly get you removed from consideration.

Writing the personal statement often surprises people with how difficult it can be. Give yourself enough time to give it the proper attention or use our personal statement writing service.