Writing a Personal Statement about Why Do You Want to Be a Neonatal Nurse

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be a Neonatal NurseIs it important to answer the prompt “why do you want to be a neonatal nurse?” fully?

Applying for any nursing course you will be asked to provide a personal statement as part of your application, you may have to write a personal statement about why do you want to be a dental nurse or about why do you want to be a mental health nurse. But the fact is that your personal statement will usually have to answer a specific question or prompt such as “why become a neonatal nurse?” This prompt is designed to get you writing about what they need to know to be able to decide if they will accept you onto their course.

In many ways answering the neonatology fellowship personal statement is going to be more important than your grades as this is the only opportunity you have to tell them who you are and why they should accept you.

How to answer “why do you want to be a neonatal nurse?”

It is vital that you answer the question posed as the prompt for your personal statement fully; after all you want to show that you can both follow directions and give them the information that they need. Far too often students deviate and fail to actually provide a clear answer to the prompt. You also need to carefully think about what they are really looking for within your answer. Most of the time they are looking for the following areas to be covered fully within your personal statement;

  • Show where you first got the idea to work as a neonatal nurse
  • Show how your interest has evolved over time and the people or events that have influenced you
  • Show how studying as a neonatal nurse fits into your personal career path
  • Demonstrate that you will have the skills and the drive to complete your studies
  • Show how this specific nursing course and institution is your first choice

Writing the perfect neonatal nursing personal statement

Even if you answer why do you want to be a neonatal nurse perfectly within your personal statement and provide them with all of the other information that they are looking for you will still fail to gain a place if your statement is poorly written. A well written personal statement will not only impress them it will also show that you care enough about winning a place to ensure that it was well written. This means ensuring that it is free of errors and worded in a way that will really engage the reader;

  • Open with an engaging few lines to draw in your readers and get them interested
  • Select an appropriate theme to hold your statement together and provide flow
  • Ensure that you remain relevant, provide the answer to “why do you want to be a neonatal nurse?” clearly within your statement
  • Carefully proofread and read your personal statement to ensure that it reads well and is free from errors

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