Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be A Model

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be A ModelThe importance of carefully answering why do you want to be a model when you apply

More and more recruiters are asking for personal statements to accompany your resume and other papers when you apply for a position. The reason being that many resumes look very much the same with the same or similar grades and qualifications. A personal statement lets them see exactly who the applicant is and what they want. So a well written answer to why do you want to be a model can swing the decision firmly in your favor. So when you are asked to write a personal statement, whether it be a personal statement about why do you want to be a hostess or why do you want to be a lawyer, treat it very seriously as it will more often than not be the deciding factor in any decision.

How to answer “Why do you want to become a model?”

Everyone has their own reasons as to why they want to do anything and you need to explain yours. However you do need to keep in mind what they are really looking for. If you write a statement that says that you saw their advert and want to give it a try you are not likely to succeed; however if you write about a long standing desire to be on the catwalk then you will have a much better chance. People want to hire someone that actually wants to do the job, not that wants to do it because they have nothing else to do. When you write your answer to why do you want to be a model follow the following tips;

  • Your first few lines are often considered the most important. You have to open with something that is attention grabbing that will make the reader continue to read on
  • Your personal statement will need a theme around which you can write, this could be for instance your taking part in a beauty pageant
  • Your personal statement is not a lengthy document so you need to write concisely and stay relevant
  • Do not make obvious statements, nor use clichés within your writing
  • Avoid any form of humor as some will think you are not serious enough
  • Never plagiarize someone  else’s work, this is your personal statement about you
  • Approach what you write positively, it is about what you do want to do and what you do like
  • Don’t lie or exaggerate within your personal statement, it may be discovered within any interview

Keeping your personal statement perfect

Answering why do you want to be a model is not to difficult if you follow the tips above. However you will need to ensure that you write in a way that actually impresses the reader. This means providing a personal statement that reads well and has no errors that the reader will spot. Ensure that you;

  • Proofread very carefully
  • Read your statement aloud so that you can hear that it flows
  • Conclude by actually answering why do you want to be a model

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