Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be a Mental Health Nurse

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be a Mental Health NurseIf you want to become a mental health nurse then your personal statement is vital

Applying for a place on a mental health nursing course will require you to write a personal statement, this part of your application is the first and only part that lets you talk about you. It is your opportunity to make yourself shine out from all of the other applicants and to get seen as the perfect choice for a place. To shine out however you have to ensure that your personal statement is perfectly written and that it carefully reflects the things that the people making the selections are looking for. So learning how to write the very best personal statement is vital when you are given the question “why do you want to be a mental health nurse?” as the prompt for your application’s personal statement.

Writing a personal statement to explain “why do you want to become a mental health nurse?”

Imagine if you were reviewing the personal statements and you read one that had several spelling mistakes, it was disjointed and flowed poorly what impression would that give you? Unless your personal statement is written perfectly you will not be selected. You have to show that you are putting as much care and thought into this as you should for your future studies. In addition, you may find more information concerning personal statement about why do you want to be a child nurse by visiting our site. And  the following tips will show you how to write to answer “Why do you want to be a mental health nurse?” for your personal statement;

  • Your opening lines have to get the attention of the reader, get their interest but don’t aim to shock
  • Select a theme that you can use to hold together your personal statement
  • Keep your writing concise, this is a short document and you need to ensure that every word counts
  • Do not state the obvious or use clichés within your writing
  • Take a positive view on everything you write, say why you are doing something not why you are not doing something
  • Remain relevant, you are talking about why do you want to be a mental health nurse not your school basketball records
  • Avoid humor even if you are good at it
  • This is a personal statement so it is about you, don’t go on about others
  • Never plagiarize, while it may be ok to include a short quotation use your own words for what you need to say
  • Never exceed their word count and use the format that they request
  • Always remain honest in what you say in your personal statement

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Making your personal statement perfect

When you answer “why do you want to be a mental health nurse?” as your personal statement or any other prompt you need to carefully check your statement to ensure that it reads well and answers the prompt that you were asked. The easiest ways to do this are;

  • Read your personal statement out loud and listen to see if it flows naturally (You can use a cell phone to record and play back)
  • Carefully proofread to eliminate all mistakes; sometimes easier to read backwards to spot spelling mistakes and wrong word use
  • Ask a friend to proofread and check the flow for you as they will spot what you have missed