Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be A Leader

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be A LeaderThe importance of answering “why do you want to be a leader?” well

Whether as a prompt for a job application or even a personal statement for social work you need to carefully consider how you write your answer. A well thought out essay will mean the difference between failure and success. Surprisingly however when people write an essay like this they actually forget to answer the question. They write all about themselves then actually forget to answer the question in a concise way. You need to conclude your essay by actually answering: why do you want to be a leader?

Writing an engaging essay about “Why do you want to be a leader?”

If you asked to write an essay about “why do you want to be a team leader?” or “why do you want to study at this university?” you need to think very carefully about what you will write if you want to make the right impression. A well written essay that flows well will help you to achieve your aims by winning that college place or even a job. So ensure that you follow these tips;

  • The opening lines are the most important part, open with something that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to continue reading
  • You need a theme to hold your essay together, it should not just be a list of unrelated statements
  • Write as if you were telling a story and lead the reader to your conclusion which will answer “why do you want to be a leader?”
  • Use positive language in your writing; explain why you do want something not look at it from what you don’t want.
  • Use language that is appropriate for the task, don’t use slang, profanities or try to look as if you have swallowed the dictionary by using words that you would never use in normal speech
  • Stay relevant and concise so that you say as much as possible within your available word count
  • This is a personal essay, so write about yourself and do not copy anything
  • Avoid trying to take a humorous approach to your writing

Making sure that your essay about why do you want to be a leader is perfect

Having covered all the right points you need to make sure that your essay is also free of any problems. This means carefully reviewing it so that there are no spelling or grammatical errors and that you have used appropriate language throughout your essay. You should;

  • Read and record your essay so that you can listen to how it actually sounds; this will ensure that your essay flows well from start to end
  • Take care to carefully proofread what you have written
  • Make sure that you actually conclude with your answer to why do you want to be a leader

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