Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be A Hostess

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be A HostessHow important is it to answer why do you want to be a hostess for your personal statement?

If you are applying for a job as an air hostess you may be asked to provide a personal statement answering why do you want to be an air hostess. This will likely be the most important part of your application when you consider that almost everything else is related to qualifications and grades. They will be looking for people with a specific personality and approach, something that you just can’t check from your grades. However when tell them why do you want to be a hostess in your personal statement it is your chance to really show them who you are and why you would make a perfect air hostess.

How should your answer to why do you want to become an air hostess be written?

Writing a personal statement is a personal thing so it is going to revolve around your own personal reasons. But you should try to show that you reasons for being an air hostess stem from a long standing interest not just a recent whim. You also need to get their attention through how you actually write. The following tips will help you to provide a well written answer to why do you want to be a hostess:

  • Select a theme to hold together your personal statement such a flight you have taken with your family
  • Think long and hard about your opening statement; your first few lines have to “hook” in the reader and get them interested in what you are going to say
  • Stick to the suggested word count, so do not waste your words by stating the obvious and be very concise and relevant
  • Do not use a thesaurus to change every word to something “impressive”; use everyday language that you would use normally
  • Approach your personal statement from a positive angle, never talk about what you don’t want, only what you do want
  • If you want to avoid looking lazy do not use clichés
  • Avoid jokes and other attempts at humor within your statement

Keep your personal statement error free

The answer to why do you want to be a hostess is going to be different for everyone, but by following the tips above you will be able to put together a statement that will be impressive. However no matter how good your statement is, whether it be a personal statement about why do you want to be a lawyer or why do you want to be a leader; if it contains any simple mistakes you will not be considered. Simple mistakes if you were really serious about your application would have been eliminated so ensure that you fully review everything you write. Record what your statement sounds like when you read it so that you can ensure that the flow is correct from sentence to sentence. Remove all spelling and grammatical errors by careful proofreading. Confirm that your conclusion actually answers why do you want to be a hostess. If you want to learn more, read useful information how to write “Why do you want to study business” personal statement here.

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