Writing a Personal Statement about Why Do You Want to Be a Child Nurse

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Be A Child NurseThe Purpose of the Personal Statement about Why Do You Want to Be a Child Nurse

When you apply to a nursing program with a focus on children, one of the requirements will be to write a personal statement. The personal statement, is it a personal statement about why do you want to be a nurse anesthetist or why do you want to be a pediatric nurse, is a way for admissions to evaluate your commitment to the program and your suitability for nursing career. It is your chance to convince school admissions that you have what it takes to complete their program and become a child nurse. It may be the only chance you have to directly influence the admissions process so make the most of the opportunity.

What to Include in the “Why Do You Want to Be a Child Nurse” Personal Statement

To create a favorable impression with your personal statement there are several things that you need to address. Your personal statement should provide information on the following:

  • Why do you want to become a child nurse? Your reasons and motivations for entering child nursing will provide some idea to admissions committees as to your motivation to complete the program. Specific reasons that show a strong desire to be a child nurse will work in your favor. If you don’t have anything other than the generic “I like working with children” as a reason, your commitment to complete the program may be considered less.
  • What qualifies you to be a child nurse? The qualities sought here are those that aren’t shown on resumes and transcripts. Compassion, patience and other intangible qualities that would be an asset to a child nurse are what you need to show.
  • What experience do you have that demonstrates your interest? Have you done volunteer work? Have you worked with children in another capacity? It need not be directly related to nursing.

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Suggestions for Writing Your Personal Statement

The person who reads your personal statement may end up having to read a hundred on the same topic. Your personal statement needs to be memorable and make the right impression. The following suggestions can help:

  • Tell a story. Use personal anecdotes as one way to provide examples. Stories are more interesting and more memorable.
  • Be specific. Don’t generalize. Use examples to back up your statements.
  • Make sure you provide a clear answer to the question of why do you want to be a child nurse. Don’t leave the reader feeling they aren’t sure what your reasons are.
  • Proofread your personal statement. Spelling and grammatical errors are unacceptable.

To have the best chance of being accepted into a program, allow yourself plenty of time to write and revise your personal statement.