Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Attend This School

Writing A Personal Statement About Why Do You Want To Attend This SchoolWhy is it important to answer “why do you want to attend this school?” in your personal statement

When you apply to a school you may be asked to provide a personal statement, this will normally written against a question such as “why do you want to attend this school?” This needs to be written with great care and with a lot of focus. Your personal statement is the only part of your application that is not just a list of grades and courses; it is your first and only opportunity to really explain to the people deciding who to accept who you are and why they should accept you. This means that you need to treat your personal statement very seriously and provide an excellent and attention grabbing answer to why do you want to attend this school or why do you want to attend this college.

How do you answer “Why do you want to attend this high school?”

You need to answer the prompt “why do you want to attend this school?” fully and with style if you want to get their attention and get selected. This means far more than just providing an answer to the question. You need to write in a way that is going to grab their attention and get you noticed. It also needs to be free of any distractions such as spelling mistakes or sentences that just don’t flow together. You need to;

  • Choose a simple theme around which your personal statement can be written such as a family vacation
  • Make your opening lines attention grabbing, you need to gain the reader’s attention in the first few lines or risk them not reading through
  • Back up all skills and experiences with simple concisely written examples
  • Never use more words than you need to, your word count is limited
  • Don’t employ clichés in your writing
  • Never state the obvious as you are just wasting your word count
  • Stay completely relevant in what you are writing
  • Write from a positive angle; what you do want to do
  • Don’t try to tell jokes within your writing
  • Use appropriate language, don’t try to be clever and use words that would never be used in everyday speech
  • Stay honest with what you write, if you attend an interview they may ask you about what you have written
  • Stay personal, this is about you

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Writing the perfect personal statement for school

Once you have written your personal statement about why do you want to attend this school or you need to carefully check it. Any mistakes such as grammatical errors need to be removed as otherwise they will distract the reader from what you have written. Carefully proofread what you have written or even better have someone else proofread it for you. Also listen carefully to how your personal statement reads out loud as this will often highlight mistakes in your writing. Find out more details about teaching personal statement .