Write Best Rutgers Transfer Essay

Moving to Rutgers University may be on your mind but do you know how to transfer to the school? Students tend to move to different universities if the courses they want to take are not available in their local colleges or if they want to get better education. Regardless of what their reasons may be for applying as a Rutgers transfer, it is important that you start reviewing the requirements for transfer. Rutgers usually accepts transfer students who have graduated from high school and have 12 college credits at least. If you have, you can start preparing your documents and essay so you can apply for a transfer.

The Rutgers Transfer Essay

If you are applying as a Rutgers University transfer, Georgetown University transfer or Montclair State University transfer, you will need to submit your high school and college transcripts as well as an accomplished form of the Transfer Application. You will be given a list of questions that you will need to answer in order to create your account with them. Part of the application is writing an essay. Although the school recommends writing an essay, it is not really necessary for transfer students. However, writing one and attaching it to your application can help the University to get to know you better.

In the essay section of the Transfer Application, you only have to write how getting an education in Rutgers will help you achieve your career goals and enrich your personal life. You have 3,800 characters left at your disposal to share your thoughts in this part of your application so make sure that you use them well. After all, this is your chance of sharing more about yourself to the admissions panel so they will know if you can be a potential candidate as a transfer student.

How to Make Your Rutgers University Transfer Application Essay Stand Out

rutgers transferIt’s a bit tricky making your essay stand out especially when there are thousands of transfer applicants to compete with but it’s not impossible to do. Many students fear the writing part because they are not really sure what to write. If you are stuck in your essay, you might want to consider applying a few of these tips:

  • Know your reasons for transferring. Since the topic is asking you to write how you think getting an education from Rutgers is going to help you in the future, you should start from there. Write down your reasons in a piece of paper and see which ones you should write about in your essay.
  • Organize your thoughts. A lot of students tend to jump from one idea to the next. You should avoid this as much as possible since it will only confuse your readers.
  • Follow the word count. The school has specified the number of characters you can use in your essay. Stick to it as much as possible.
  • Make your sentences count. A good essay is one that contains relevant information arranged properly to be understood better. Any sentences that are not really needed should be removed from your writing.
  • Always proofread. As soon as you have finished writing your essay, make sure that you proofread your work to see if there are any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Write Your Essay Well

It doesn’t matter whether you are applying as a Rutgers transfer or Montclair State University transfer, when it comes to writing an essay you need to give your best. After all, the essay portion is often used to gauge how well you communicate through writing. The essay is also the ideal place to share more about your personal background and academic achievements as well as your reasons for wanting to transfer to Rutgers.