Williams College

williams college requirementsWilliams College was established in 1793 and was a men’s college until 1970. Located in Williamstown, Massachusetts, this liberal arts college is currently ranked number one out of the United States’ 266 liberal arts colleges by the U.S. News & World’s Report. This small college was also ranked first in 2014 by Forbes Magazine.

A private college, Williams offers a distinctly different form of education from many US universities; it holds more similarity to the tutorial systems of Oxbridge universities in the UK. William’s offers undergraduate programmes in humanities, sciences and social sciences, as well as postgraduate studies in art history and development economics.williams college requirements

The college is situated in the Berkshires, a rural area of north-western Massachusetts, and the 450 acre campus is made up of over 100 buildings, including recently renovated athletics facilities. The Will Rice college has an impressive list of notable alumni, including many prominent world politicians and royal figures.

Read on for Williams College undergraduate admission requirements:

Williams College Undergraduate Admission Help:

2013-2014 Figures:

Academic Staff 334 (2012)
Students 2124
Undergraduates 2070
Location Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States



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Williams College Admission Requirements:

  • Test Results: Williams does not have absolute admissions requirements, however, the average SAT score for applicants, as of 2013, was 2153. The average in individual components was 750 in Critical Reading, 720 in Math and 707.5 in Writing.
  • Essay Submissions: Williams runs an informative workshop which covers the writing of application essays. For information on this contact: admission@williams.edu

Other documents needed:

  • A completed application form: The Common Application, which will include questions specific to Williams.
  • For early decision applicants: The Early Decision Agreement Form. For information on this contact: admission@williams.edu
  • Standardized Testing: One of the following tests are required: SAT or ACT with writing, in addition to two SAT subject tests.
  • A secondary school report (SR)
  • Two teacher evaluations
  • A mid-year school report: A form can be found on The Common Application
  • Application fee: $65.00 – Williams offers a fee waiver for applicants with financial hardship. This can be requested via the Common Application or the ‘Williams Specific Questions’ page on the Common Application Website.
  • Test Registration Codes: SAT code: 3965 and ACT code: 1936. Scores should be sent by the testing agency to Williams directly. For students with financial hardship, a screen-shot of the scores can be taken and sent to: admission@williams.edu. Scores submitted on the High School Transcript cannot be processed.
  • International Students Language Requirements: Students who speak English as a second language are required to document their proficiency in English on their application form. Williams are happy to look at results from English language exams such as TOEFL and IELTS, but they are not a required prerequisite for admission.

Get ready for your application with a full list of Williams College requirements and make sure you have prepared all the needed documents!