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Are you worried about your transfer admission? You are not the only one who is worried how they will fare when they apply for a transfer to another school given the fact that the entire process will be stricter compared to new students. What’s more, there will be other students who will be competing against you for that slot so you need to think of a way to get an edge over them. One area of your transfer application that can help you get ahead is your essay and we can help you out with this.

Transfer Admission Requirements

The requirements for admission tend to vary from one school to the next. Aside from the filling out their application form, you should also prepare your transcript of records both when you were in high school as well as from your current college or university. There will always be a processing fee that needs to be paid so you should check this out too. Lastly, an admission essay should also be included in your application because this will be used to gauge your abilities.

Need Help with Your Transfer Essay?

What can you write about in your transfer admission essay? This depends again on the school of your choice. There are some colleges and universities that let their transfer student choose the topic for their essay while others provide a prompt already. To make your essay really stand out, you should start by writing an introduction that your readers will get interested in. Follow this up with relevant paragraphs and make your conclusion keep your readers thinking.

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