Variety of College Essay Prompts

Is it possible to write a college application essay without resorting to any one of a number of excellent college essay prompts? Yes. But is it advisable to do just that when these college prompts are up for the taking, and can be used freely for the source of what might be much-needed inspiration to complete a highly important essay? Probably not. If you aren’t sure what to write about in your college essay, then an essay prompt most certainly is your friend. With that said, you should know that there are many topics available for your college application essay, and the more you know about them, the easier things get.

Find the most popular college essay prompts and create the best college essay!

Different college essay prompts

There are quite literally an endless number of useful college essay topics out there, but you only need one to begin writing a college essay for yourself. Most colleges readily provide these prompts as a source of free inspiration, but other colleges do not. It’s important to know and understand the different kinds of basic college essay prompts that are up for grabs for anyone looking to kick start their own college essay writing process. Generally, the college prompts fall into one of a few general categories:

College essay topics

  • Personal statement
  • Favorite activity
  • Past failures
  • The pursuit of knowledge
  • “Why (insert college name here)?”

How to choose college prompts

Choosing the right college prompt for your own college application essay doesn’t have to be hard First you just have to determine what kind of story you want to write about. Does it cover the personal, extracurricular, or academic part of your life? Did you experience failure and learn a valuable lesson in the end of what happened?  Also, is it something you’re able to write about well consistently enough, or do you still lack the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to craft a truly relatable story in your essay? You’ll probably have to work with a bit of trial and error, but the bottom line is that writing a college essay is manageable as long as you have the right college essay prompts.