University of Wisconsin Overview

Applicants for the fall semester of 2014 must complete the entire process and requirements by May 30. In most cases, the earlier you get it done, the better you can avoid the inconveniences along the way. It is also a plus if you were able to keep good records during your high school years. Although it is not strongly required to have exceptional grades, you need to be competent enough so that you could pass and get good remarks on the necessary admission exams. Other than the academic requirements, applicants also need to submit the Certificate of Finances form to certify that they are financially capable for getting the quality education offered at the University of Wisconsin.

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University of Wisconsin Overview

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin is undoubtedly among the most well established and highly recognized public research universities in the US. This university serves as a venue for education for more than 182,000 students per year and with over 32,000 employees for its faculty and staff. It offers a diverse range of undergraduate majors, master’s programs, and doctoral programs. Feel free to visit the official website of this university for more of the University of Wisconsin overview details.

 University of Wisconsin Application Requirements

Incoming freshmen who aspire to enroll at the University of Wisconsin should comply with the requirements that include the completed UW System Application for Undergraduate Admission form, high school transcript, official ACT or SAT score, and a $44 application fee. Applicants can also download the said application form and apply at the official website of the University of Wisconsin online. However, there are additional requirements and conditions for applicants who did not graduate from a recognized academic institution. Upon completion of the requirements, applicant would receive within two weeks a notice of admission.

For inquiries and other details, you are very welcome to visit the official University of Wisconsin website or call their office at +1 608-263-2400. You may also take time to visit the University of Wisconsin information office at the Center for Global Education, 809 West Starin Road, Hyland Hall, Suite 1227, and Whitewater, Wisconsin.

 How to Write UNIVERSITY Personal Statement

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