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For those who are applying as a University of Michigan transfer student, Boston university transfer or Columbia university transfer, it is best that you start as early as possible. Among the students who are qualified for transfer are those with good social and academic standing in their former institutions as well as grade point average. College credits, SAT, and ACT are among the transcripts that you need to submit when you apply as a Michigan State University transfer. If English is not your first language, you will need to submit your IELTS/TOEFL score along with your application since the university uses English as its main language. You will also be required to write essays to gauge your writing and thinking abilities.

More on University of Michigan Transfer Essay Application

Just like those who are applying as a Columbia University transfer, you will need to write essays to go along with your application. There are two types of essays that you will need to submit. The first one is a 250 word essay on what community you belong into and what your role in it is. The community that is being referred to here is about the culture, geography, religion, race, interest, and so on. Tackling these things in your essay can help give the admissions panel an idea of what your background is to get to know you better.

Transfer students are also required to submit a 500 word essay describing what attracted you the most among the University of Michigan’s courses. Describe how the curriculum of the said course you are applying for complements your interests. Since you have 500 words to answer this essay, you have more chances of expounding on why you want to transfer to the University and how this move can help you with your interests.

Tips on How to Complete Your University of Michigan Transfer Application Essay

Writing two separate essays can be a challenge. Working on an essay with limited word count can contribute to the difficulty but it can be resolved by following a few simple steps such as those mentioned below:

  • university of michigan transferConcise and consistent – You will need to be concise and consistent in your writing. Avoid jumping from one thought to another as this can confuse your reader. Organize your thoughts so that it will appear in order when you write them down.
  • Follow the word count – When writing your essay, make sure that you follow the given word count. Writing more than the given word count can be a point against you.
  • Write professionally – Keep in mind that you are applying as a transfer student which means you need to show your readers that you are qualified by writing in a professional manner.
  • Inject personality –Adding a bit of personality to your essay can help give your readers an idea on who you are as a person.
  • Proofread and edit – After writing your essays, make sure that you proofread and edit before sending them in. If you can, ask for feedback from friends, mentors, and even family members so you will know how your essay is.

Submit High Quality Essays

Essays have value when you apply as a University of Michigan transfer. This means that you need to give your essays your best shot as they can help discern you from the rest of the applicants. Although writing an essay may be difficult at the beginning, once you get past the first sentence, and you follow the steps mentioned above, you might find this part of your application to be enjoyable as you share more about yourself to the University.