University of Iowa Overview

Your adventure to University of Iowa will only begin when you have a good and apply for admission. Getting started to University of Iowa admissions is easy but submitting the requirements would be hard on your part since you need to make sure you will complete all the documents needed on or before the deadline of submission. The earlier your application the higher chance of getting scholarships, financial aid, housing and course selection, so be sure to comply earlier. Your early admission gives you plenty of time to register for orientation programs.

University of Iowa Overview

University of Iowa is a public institution and it was founded in 1847. The size of the institution is 1880 acres and it utilizes a semester based academic calendar. In the 2014 edition for Best Colleges, they are one of the top ranks. The good thing about the university is that they are offering a top notch in over 100 areas.

University of Iowa Application Requirements

Tips for University Of Iowa admissions: For successful University of Iowa admission, meeting admission requirements are essential. If you don’t know what the checklist are or documents that you must submit, here is what you need to prepare:

  • Complete online application

  • English requirement. Official test scores must be submitted no later than thirty days after application deadline. For TOEFL IBT score, minimum score is 71. For IELTS, the minimum score is 5.5 of 6.0

  • SAT critical reading (score must be minimum of 420)

  • Academic records

  • High school course report

  • Previous college or university attendance

  • Undergraduate financial statement

  • Settle application fee worth 50 dollars

Important: All examination results will be investigated to ensure it is authentic.

For additional University of Iowa information, you are on the right spot. The university is consistently in the top rank of public universities. It has a good history and record. They are helping students to have a rewarding future the time they graduate from the school.

It is not easy to be accepted and to enter University of Iowa but you don’t need to worry if you provided all the admission requirements and submit it on time. Apply now and become part of one of the top public universities in the country.

How to Write the University of Iowa Personal Statement

If you want to increase your chances of entering the school, you should put your best foot forward in writing your personal statement. You can also get the help of the experts to ensure you are on the right track in your University of Iowa personal statement.