University of Alabama Application

When it comes to University of Alabama application, students need to check all the requirements and deadline of submission for their application to be considered. The application is conducted strictly by the committee.

University Of Alabama Overview

University of Alabama is a research university and has the commitment to enhance the quality of life of its students. It was founded I the year 1831 as the first public college. It is dedicated in teaching, service and research.

University of Alabama Application Requirements

For general requirements, here is the list:

  • United States or permanent residents must need to submit application materials at least two months before registration. Earlier submission will increase the likelihood of getting successful application and assistantship.

  • International applicants need to submit application materials that include the financial affidavit at least six months prior to the registration.

  • Freshman Admissions: For University of Alabama application requirements for freshman, here is the list!

  • Performance on SAT or ACT

  • High school grade point average

  • High school course schedule

  • Must show commitment to academics

  • Complete printed UA application

  • Recent official transcript of record

  • Settle application fee

  • Complete all steps

  • Transfers Admissions: Complete printed University of Alabama application

  • Settle application fee (nonrefundable)

  • SAT or ACT scores

  • Transcript of record as determined by academic division

  • Complete all steps

If you have plans to apply at the University of Alabama, then knowing the University of Alabama application deadline is important. For 2014-2015 application deadlines for summer, the class begins on May 27, April 30 for United States students and permanent residents. February 1 for international students and March 15 for international students, that is currently residing inside the US.

  • For Fall 2014, the class will begin on August 20, July 16 for permanent residents and US applicants, April 1 for international students currently outside US and June 1 for international students inside US.

  • For Spring 2015, November 30 for permanent and US residents, September 1 for international students outside US and October 15 for international students inside US.

How to Write UNIVERSITY Personal Statement

The University Of Alabama is very important, so you should plan for it before writing. Brainstorm and make an outline for it. Do not forget to leave enough time in writing and editing it.Finally, seek the help of the pros in writing your personal statement.