UCAS 2014 Application

Applying Via UCAS 2014

To pursue studies in the United Kingdom to start in the 2015 term, all students are required to use the UCAS 2014 platform. As almost all British universities, colleges and other higher educational institutions are members of the UCAS, the application system is centralized. Similarly, students from foreign countries, such as the EU or from other nations, are required as well to proceed with application through UCAS 2014 entry. For admissions to British universities and colleges for the Fall term of 2014, application deadlines must have been completed in the middle of January. However, UCAS apply 2014 for 2015 entry can be started as early as today.

UCAS Deadline 2014 for Different Universities

While the deadline for this year’s UCAS 2014 applications has passed, applications for the next term of 2015 can be started as early as now. More prestigious schools with more selective admission processes have earlier deadlines. For Oxford and Cambridge, the established UCAS deadline 2014 is October 15 for entry on the Fall term of 2015. In addition, courses in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses have the same deadline of October 15. In these courses, individuals are given only four choices for their application.

Features of UCAS 2014 Apply

As the UCAS system is a centralized application platform, applicants need only submit one application through the UCAS 2014 apply system. In applying, students are usually given five choices of courses. An exception to this is for students choosing medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses. After fully submitting the application by mid-January or the required deadline, individuals then have to wait for offers from their choices arriving by mid-May. Applicants who do not gain acceptance may apply for a degree program with available slots through the UCAS Extra feature of the UCAS. From here, a student can choose to then accept or reject the offers accepted, making the entire college and university application easier and more convenient.