Top Universities 2014

One main factor in choosing the university where to apply for is through rankings and through top universities 2014 lists. Here are the top 10 universities in the USA according to

  • Princeton University

Consistently ranking first in most universities rankings in the world, Princeton is known for providing excellent degrees in humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering.

  • Harvard University

Not only Harvard is one of the best universities 2014, but it has also produced eight US presidents and more than 150 Nobel laureates. Moreover, Harvard boasts of having the best law and medicine program throughout the USA.

  • Yale University

Yale is popular for having one of the best law schools throughout the USA. Also, significant emphasis is put on the natural sciences and mathematics.

  • Columbia University

Columbia puts a high emphasis on science and as a result has become one of the best medical schools throughout the USA.

  • Stanford University

Stanford University remains to be one of the most popular universities worldwide having different departments providing the best education thus producing some of the best graduates.

  • University of Chicago

A private research university, UChicago’s economics program remains one of the most popular in the world. In addition, U of C’s school of sociology and law and economics remains to be some of the best establishments in the world today.

  • Duke University

Well known for its medical program, Duke University also has a competitive law program and is working in partnership with various schools and universities throughout the world, providing quality education even to those outside USA.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Putting a strong emphasis on research in physical sciences and engineering, MIT has consistently ranked among the best universities in the USA. It is well known for providing partnerships with colleges who perform well in university ranking UK 2014.

  • University of Pennsylvania

UPenn offers a broad range of programs and it is particularly known for its medical school, school of business, social sciences and humanities, and its biomedical research and science programs.

  • California Institute of Technology

Caltech’s specialties lie in science engineering, having produced 32 alumni and faculty who have won 33 Nobel Prizes, including Linus Pauling who has won two unshared prizes.