The Most Popular College Writing Prompts

If you’re stumped as to how you can finish writing your very own college application essay, maybe it’s time to consult a good old-fashioned batch of college writing prompts, which have been made available for your own personal use. As you may already know, a college writing prompt is simply a tool that can be used to kick start your applications essay writing process. If you’re out of ideas or inspiration, then a set of college writing prompts can be your friend. With all of that said, how can you best utilize writing prompts for college application essays? The answer is simple: scope out the most popular ones and take your pick from that lot. Here you’ll find the most popular college writing prompts that will be sure to inspire you to write essays on interesting topics.

Use our writing prompts for college students and create an amazing application essay!

The most popular college writing prompts

Ever since colleges started requiring students to submit application essays along with their other application requirements, there have been many different college writing prompts made available for prospective students. Most recently, changes made to the Common Application caused the existence of five “new” writing prompts.  These new prompts can be used as a basis for at least over a dozen different essays, each based on different topics relating mainly to three categories: personal, academic, and extracurricular. According to, the prompts should allow for nearly any topic one might choose. The important thing is that you make it personal, something that only you could write. This is a good point of consideration when writing pretty much anything, not just college application essays.

Remember, if you are out of ideas for your college essay, you can use these college prompts for inspiration.