The Best College Transfer Essay Examples

Are you planning on transferring to another college? If you think you’ll learn more in another college then you need to prepare a college transfer essay that will grab the interest of your readers. Transferring to another college is tough since you need to be able to impress the college with your reasons as to why you want to make the switch. For this you will need to have access to college transfer essay examples so you’ll have an idea on what to write.

College Transfer Essay Examples

”My father taught me to focus on one thing before trying another. As a kid, I was always moving from one thing to another. One day I was happy playing basketball, the following day I was playing football. It’s not that my attention span is short. It’s just that I wanted to try new things. This habit of mine led me to wonder what I should do with myself as I watched my classmates graduate from our class with set goals in mind. I have to admit I was lost. It was time for me to take stock of what I want in life so I can move in the right direction.

I enrolled in a two-year course in our community college and from here I learned a lot of things. My stay in that college led me to the path where I think I do best which is in the medical field where I get to help those who need care while learning new things which was what I wanted most of all. In my two years in our community college I received an associate degree in pre-physical therapy and I think I will be able to pursue my dreams in your good school.

Although it have taken me a while to realize what I wanted to do with my life, the experiences that I had ever since I was a child until now helped me to become who I am today. Aside from having a direction in my life, I am confident that I can do more for others in the realm of medicine in your good school which is why I am applying for a transfer. With the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years, I am sure that I’ll be able to contribute to your school as well as society with the new things that I will learn under your tutelage.”

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