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Example of a College Essay


The Rise of quality management in post war Japan


After World War II the Japanese economy was in ruins and the country was very short on natural resources. The Japanese government therefore decided that they would make quality improvement into a vital part of the recovery of their economy and sought the help of various American consultants who were seen as leaders within their fields.

One of the most influential of these quality consultants was W.Edwards Deming who had used statistical methods to control and improve the processes through which munitions and other related products were produced for the US war efforts. Along with his own mentor Walter A Shewhart and other consultants such as Joseph Juran they came to Japan to give their advice on how Japan’s manufacturing companies should rebuild.

The Japanese slowly began to implement the ideas that these quality gurus taught them and they slowly went from being manufacturers of cheap and low quality goods (much like China today) until by the 70’s they were achieving higher levels of quality than their western competitors. For example Toyota cars were by the 1980’s getting the top ratings in all consumer surveys for their products.

These results can be directly attributed to the initiatives that were begun by these quality gurus and the Japanese pioneers in quality such as Genichi Taguchi who further developed these ideas and techniques within companies in Japan.

Using Successful College Essays Examples

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