Smith College Requirements

FAQs on Smith College Requirements and Student Admission

Smith College is a private institution located in Northampton, Massachusetts. This all women’s school was founded in 1871 and currently has 2,563 students. It is ranked #112 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and #15 out of 63 best Massachusetts colleges.

Smith College is one of the top liberal arts school in the country. It offers more than 1,000 courses in 50 different areas of study. The school also has an athletics department in which it provides 12 varsity sports and extensive club sports programs. It has numerous special programs from Design Thinking Initiative, fellowships, career development, leadership and study abroad programs. PhD is the highest degree Smith College offers and its best ranked major is Romance Languages. Five of the most popular majors in Smith College are:

  1. Social Sciences
  2. Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  3. Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
  4. Psychology
  5. Visual and Performing Arts

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Smith College has a 42% acceptance rate. Out of 4,466 applications, it admitted 1,885 and 633 enrolled. The following are Smith College requirements for first year applicants:

  • Common Application
  • Writing supplement
  • Secondary School Report
  • Counselor Recommendation
  • Interview
  • Teacher Evaluation Forms
  • Midyear Report
  • Standardized Test
  • Personal Statement

Applicants are also required to comply with the test score guidelines for their standardized tests. Here are the Smith College requirements for your SAT and ACT:

  • SAT Reading: 620 – 740
  • SAT Math: 620 – 720
  • SAT Writing: 630 – 720
  • ACT: 28 – 32

The deadline for Smith College application is November 15 for early decision, January 1 for early decision II and January 15 for regular admissions.

Basic Guide to Smith College Application, Cost and Admission Tips

The annual tuition for Smith College is $47,620 excluding room and board and other indirect fees. If you think you cannot Smith College, students can always apply for scholarships and grants for a lesser net price. 63% of students receive financial in that average to $34,548 while $48,548 is allotted to students from low income families in their first year. $39,390 is the average financial aid package for Smith College; 400 students were awarded scholarships total of $33,456 and $5,207 each worth of federal grant aid is given to 101 students. Click here for more information about financial aid packages at Smith College:

Applicants often struggle when it comes to college applications but these helpful tips are fool proof ways to ensure that your admission is guaranteed:

  1. Research the deadline, Smith College requirements, financial aid and academic programs. The more you know the better not only in your admission but also in your interview.
  2. Never submit generic essays or erroneous personal statement. Make sure that everything is perfectly flawless, well-crafted and personalized.
  3. If you are applying to multiple schools, customize your application. You will have a better chance of admission if your application is unique based on the standards of the school.
  4. Always follow the guidelines set by Smith College. Take note of deadlines and avoid any delays.
  5. Get help from online experts as they can provide you more than just academic resource but also feedback on your application which is crucial.
  6. You can choose some similar college, for example explore Albright College application guide.

Why You Should Choose Smith College

  • Smith College is one of the largest and best ranked women’s colleges in the country.
  • In has more than 2,500 undergraduates in its main campus and another 260 are studying elsewhere through study abroad program.
  • Students are sure to get financial aid in Smith College. You will get your money’s worth thanks to the level of excellence the school ensures every year.
  • It has a five college cooperation in which students and faculty are exchanges, appointed and combined for maximum academic leverage.
  • Smith College is situated in incredible location and the beauty of campus itself guarantees that students will feel at home.

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