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Scripps College is a private school located in Claremont, California. This all women’s college was founded in 1926 and currently has 972 students. It is ranked #93 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and #12 out of 81 best California colleges.

Scripps College offers 50 majors and students can opt to avail 5 college programs in which they can pursue a major offered by an affiliate school. It also boasts its distinctive core curriculum, study abroad program and semester internships at best companies. Scripps College also provides its students with post baccalaureate premedical program. Five of the most popular majors in Scripps College are:

  1. Psychology
  2. Biology
  3. English
  4. Media studies
  5. International relations

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Scripps College is highly selective with only 27% acceptance rate. Out of 2,782 applications, it only admitted 751 and 252 enrolled. For applicants, the following are Scripps College requirements:

  • School Report
  • Counselor Recommendation
  • Two academic teacher recommendations
  • Official transcripts
  • Official standardized test scores
  • Interview
  • Personal Essay

With low admission rate, potential applicants should consider their standardized test scores. Here are the Scripps College requirements for your ACT and SAT:

  • SAT Reading: 650 – 730
  • SAT Math: 630 – 718
  • SAT Writing: 653 – 730
  • ACT: 29 – 32

The deadline of application is November 15 for early decision and January 1 for regular decision.

Learn How to Ensure Success in Scripps College Application

The total annual attendance at Scripps College is between $22,302 and $63,740. Never worry as 58% of incoming freshmen receive scholarships and grants that average to $26,333 while $41,438 are awarded to students from low income families. Scripps College offers $31,108 in scholarships; 159 students received aid average to $25,149 and 23 students received $5,023 each in federal grant aid. Click here for more information about financial aid packages in Scripps College:

Students can benefit from helpful tips when it comes to college applications. Here are tricks from professionals that you can use in your Scripps College application:

  1. Given that the school is competitive, students should pay close attention to all Scripps College requirements. Make sure that your essays are well written, your evaluation top notch and interviews are well answered.
  2. Organize ahead your application as this will help you solve potential problems. Avoid last minute decisions but ensure that everything is accounted for.
  3. Scripps College is one of the best schools in US which are why you should guarantee that your transcripts are up to par. If you have average GPA, compensate with letters of recommendation, personal statement and extracurricular activities that will showcase your leadership and proficiency.
  4. The most likely help in college applications are those who previously failed theirs. Get as much feedback on which areas you need to focus on and possible pitfalls that you should avoid.
  5. To prevent any problems, it is surely helpful to avail help from professionals online. There are services dedicated to assist students in their application through academic guide and counseling.
  6. Find some other college to have additinal variant, for instance you can check Antioch College programs.

Why You Should Choose Scripps College

  • Scripps College offers 2000+ undergraduate courses and 300+ clubs and organizations created to nurture the interests of students.
  • The school offers numerous facilities like fitness centers, swimming pools, dining halls, libraries and playing fields.
  • Scripps College is a top ranked, private and all women’s liberal arts college.
  • The school has a 10:1 student to faculty ratio, 16 average class sizes and high freshmen retention rate.
  • Scripps College has a 121 full time faculty in which 97% possess PhD or appropriate terminal degree.

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