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Graduate school admission essay samples

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School admission essay sample

My name is John and I am excited by the prospect of attending your law school program. I have wanted to be a lawyer for many years, and now that I have successfully obtained my undergraduate degree, I am getting closer to my dream! Becoming a lawyer is very important to me because I am very attracted to the work involved, but it is much more than that. I have always heard about people who are unable to get sufficient legal counsel, and this can cost people many years when they don’t get the help they need. I am hoping to learn from the great professors at your program so that I can begin to assist people who are in need, and I am sure that your institution is exactly what I am looking for. You have an excellent reputation for taking raw students and refining their abilities and mannerisms to prepare them for the next level, and I assure whoever is reading this that I will go above and beyond with every opportunity given to me. I am ready to work hard and demonstrate that I will be an effective lawyer for a long time, and I truly hope that I can study at your prestigious institution.

Business school admission essay sample

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