Resume For University Application

When you apply for university application, you are required to create a resume. A resume is a short autobiography about you, education, and life experience and work. If you don’t know how to make the paper, check this out!

Writing Resume For University Application Guidelines

A resume is a snapshot summary about your qualities, skills and qualification regardless of your education and life experience. The details that you will provide will determine whether the committee will accept you or not. Here are the things that needed to include in your resume:

  • Personal details: In a university application resume, it is important to provide your complete name, address, phone number, email address and citizenship. You do not need to provide information about your birth date.

  • Education: In the process of how to write a resume for university application, you need to provide information about education such as course dates, full course name, majors, education institute, awards and achievements.

  • Skills and qualities: Make sure to highlight your skills such as transferable skills, generic or any technical skills you have. You need to provide a dot point summary with examples.

  • Career objective: You can include or not a career objective. It is a statement about what you want to have and achieve.

  • Extracurricular activities: If you engage yourself with extracurricular activities, you can include it on your resume. You can write about voluntary work you had or anything that will help you in your application. You can also include training or certificates.

  • References: Do not forget to include about references. It is the last information you will put. Be sure that the person you will put knows you a lot.

Resume Tips

  • Format: You can use a ten to twelve fonts like Arial. You need to write in plain English and avoid abbreviations, slang or jargons. You can use subheadings or bullets in presenting essential information. Make sure to have white space and margins. Avoid using first person instead use third person.

  • Length: It is enough to submit o one page or two-page resume.

  • Styles: There are three types of style you can choose and use. You can use hybrid, chronological or functional style.

Write your own resume for university application today! If you think, you cannot fulfill these tips and work them out to include in your resume, seek the help of the experts. Increase your chances of entering your dream school by following these tips.