Purdue University Application

To apply to Purdue, students need to use online application and meet posted deadlines. The deadlines will vary based on the academic semester for which you’re applying whether it is fall, spring or summer and whether you are transferee, freshman or international student. When it comes to Purdue University application, the school uses common application. All students must need to be aware of specific admission criteria’s and application deadlines. Applicants need to use the online application check in ensuring that their application is complete. For Purdue University application deadline, read on.

Purdue University Overview

Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. It is one of the prestigious schools in the nation. Each year, they are accepting students to become part of them and promise that they will prepare them for a better future. Check out more information below to find out more about Purdue University.

Purdue University Application Requirements

Freshman/International Applicants:

  • Spring semester: October 1,2014

  • Summer semester: February 1,2015

  • Fall semester: February 1,2015

Transfer applicants:

  • Spring semester: November 1 2014

  • Summer semester: May 1 2015

  • Fall semester: July 1 2015

Note: International transfer students are encouraged to apply before the specified dates in ensuring they have adequate time for visa processing and credit evaluation.

In order to have successful application, students must need to know about Purdue University application requirements. Knowing the requirements gives you the chance to enter the university because you know what documents you need to submit.

  • Complete online application

  • Settle 60 dollars which is nonrefundable application fee

  • Evidence of graduation from recognized secondary school

  • Submit test scores such as TOEFL, SAT, GCE,GCSE, ACT and ILETS

  • English proficiency

  • Immigration documents

  • Financial documentation

  • Transferring college credit (for transfer students)

Before applying, you need to know whether you want to enroll for Fall, Spring or Summer semester. It is important that you know which term you want to study because the application deadline for each semester is different. Lastly, make sure you complete all the requirements and settle all the payments that the school is asking. Regularly checking the site of the school is important to be aware of updates.

How to Write the Purdue University Personal Statement

Aside from completing your documents, make sure to do your best in the personal statement. Create an outline after brainstorming for it. Do not rush your paper, but write in a comfortable and smooth manner. Finally, edit your work for possible errors before submitting it.