Popular College Essay Questions and Answers

One of the trickiest parts in applying for college is to answer essay prompts given by the schools. Taking a look at UC college essay prompts can give you an idea on what these schools expect from their applicants which means you need to come up with a satisfying answer to impress the admissions officer. Preparing your best college admission essays way before the schools start to accept applications can help you plan what you are going to write. What are the most common college essay questions that you are sure to come across? Read on.

Common College Essay Questions

  • If you have any story or background that is integral to your identity, share it in your essay.
  • Think of a time when you had to challenge an idea or a belief. Relate the situation that prompted to act the way you did. Will you do the same if the same situation arose?
  • Write about the time when you failed at something. How did this affect you? What did you learn about it?
  • Describe an environment or place where you feel the most content. What do you do or feel in this particular place? Write about what makes the place meaningful to you.
  • Talk about a situation which you felt made an impact in your life.

How to Write the Best College Essay Answers

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