PhD Admission 2014

PhD Admission 2014 Overview

A PhD program allows a student to gain more knowledge and experience in his/her chosen field. By pursuing a PhD degree, one can further specialize in the various areas of their field. As gaining a doctorate degree requires time, significant commitment is required to pursue and finish this endeavor. Similarly, commitment is required as well in PhD admission 2014 as the application process entails a number of requirements and the application process gives the admissions board of your prospect university a view of your commitment to pursue a PhD degree.

Tips, Deadlines and Requirements for PhD Application

You may choose to pursue your PhD degree in various universities, depending on the area you want to specialize in and the various factors that can affect your pursuing of your degree. Here are the various requirements and the deadlines for your PhD application that may be required by the universities that you are applying to.

  • GRE (Graduate Record Examinations). Most schools require the GRE and depending on your field of specialty, you may be required to take various GRE Subject Tests as well. The GRE General Test is held year-round and you may choose to take it when it’s most convenient for you. The Subject Tests, however, are only available for thrice a year as they are paper-based. For 2014, the published date for the examination is on April 5, 2014. Regular deadline for application is on February 28.
  • Recommendation letters. It would help to get your recommendation letters from your undergraduate advisors or professors with whom you’ve built a close, professional relationship with.
  • Personal Statements. Most graduate schools require a personal statement and this is a key requirement in your application. One of the most important PhD application tips is that you finish these personal statements early and submit it before the deadline of your application along with the recommendation letters from your professors.

Getting in PhD Application Help

Being able to pursue a PhD degree is a privilege and is now becoming a popular option from fresh college graduates. As a college degree might not be competitive enough for highly-specialized jobs, more individuals are choosing to pursue various graduate and PhD degrees. As this is the case, significant commitment is required in applying for PhD degrees in various universities. It is important that you prioritize your PhD admission and application if you really want to gain a PhD degree. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with getting PhD application help. Professionals can provide you with valuable service as you apply for a PhD degree in your chosen universities. A PhD allows an individual to gain more opportunities to be successful and build a stable future. If education is your passion, apply for a PhD as this will give you a valuable opportunity for a brighter future.

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