Passing GRE 2014

Taking GRE Exam 2014

The GRE is the standardized exam required by most schools for students applying for graduate studies. While there is no specific required knowledge needed to take the GRE Exam 2014, a good deal of preparation is required to ensure that you are able to do well on the test. Composed of three parts, verbal, quantitative and analytical writing, the computer-based GRE 2013-2014 test employs computer-adaptive testing wherein the computer will give you more difficult questions if you’ve answered questions correctly. Similarly, ETS offers a paper-based alternative for the GRE computer-based test. However, this test is only administered in areas where the computer-based test is not available.

The GRE Dates 2014 and Testing Centers

Held in over 700 test centers worldwide, an individual can take the GRE test at any of the available GRE dates 2014 at most once every 21 days and up to five times throughout the GRE dates 2013-2014. The GRE 2014 dates for the computer-based test are all year round, accommodating individuals and students with differing schedules. Alternatively, the paper-based GRE testing is offered only thrice a year in the various testing centers worldwide. In addition, for students taking specialized courses which require specific GRE subject tests such as Physics, Math, Biology, Literature and Psychology, ETS has yet to release the GRE Spring 2014. Currently, the only date available for testing for the subject tests is on 05 April 2014. Every year, however, ETS releases three (3) dates when students can take the subject exams.

Passing the GRE 2013-14 Test

While the general GRE test does not require dedicated studying and review, significant preparation must still be done in anticipation for your GRE schedule 2014. A graduate school application can depend highly on your score from your GRE test. As this is the case, it is important you do not take this opportunity lightly and you must be able to take the test with confidence to help you boost your application for graduate school.

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