Our School Application Writing Services

For school applications to a college, undergraduate or graduate degree program, the following requirements are commonplace:

  • Completed Common Application or Universal College Application
  • A personal statement
  • Admission essay responses (can be one or more)
  • SAT or ACT score results
  • SAT subject tests
  • A final high school report
  • A teacher’s report
  • An official high school transcript

To receive academic placement in a school of choice, there are numerous documents that school admission officers need to peruse through in order evaluate your candidacy. A personal statement allows them to distinguish candidates when test scores or grades are ver similar among a pool of applicants.

To MAXIMIZE your school applications, we provide student oriented career services to meet your needs!

School Application Writing

School applications are part of a necessary and highly established screening process, which educational institutions have implemented all over the world. Standardized method of screening potential applicants saves time both for university officials and provides an equal opportunity for prospective students to compete. 

We specialize in private school applications, middle school applications and all types of school application writing!

These are several general types of school applications which we provide assistance with:

  • Collegiate School Application for college freshmen
  • Medical School Application for Med and Pre-Med courses
  • Law School Application for Law and Pre-Law courses
  • Business School Application for MBAs and Business courses
  • Graduate School Application for MA, MS and Ph. D.

A New School Application or A School Application for Newbies

Are you applying to a higher educational institution after high school, but are completely unsure of how the entire school application system works? We have listed some of the most common requirements in the United States above. Perhaps one of the single-most overlooked parts of the process is the personal statement and admission essay responses. We provide a great school application writing service that is aimed at boosting students’ chances of success!

Our service mostly serves application newbies who want to maximize their chances of getting accepting to a program of their choice.

If you are in need of an application write-up, contact us today!