College Application Personal Statement Service

We lead the leaders in college application personal statement services. We have done it for so many students and they stand to attest to our great services. Visit our “comments from customer” page and learn how they rate us. We are not trying to brag! We are just stating facts here.

College application personal statement

The college application personal statement helps colleges to distinguish most qualified high school seniors from the rest of the pack. When doing your personal statement, remember that the admission committee members have to read through hundreds of college admissions essays, yours needs to stand out, engage them, and make them want to know you. In your personal statement, try to write something about yourself, an experience you had, perhaps a person in your life, something calculated to get you to reveal who you really are and how you think. Members of the committee read every application, including the essay, and make a judgment about which application would make a good addition to their student body. With a good essay, you make the admission board to view you as a multi-dimensional human being, hopefully someone they would like to meet.

Personal statement to college application

The real question in a personal statement is always, “who are you?”. So choose a topic that reveals something important about you, something that mattered to you, and tell why it mattered. Our experts are ready to help you do your personal statement to college application. You can expect questions along the lines which are taken from actual college applications. Such questions include but are not limited to: evaluate a significant experience or achievement that has a specific meaning to you; indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you and describe that influence; describe the qualities and accomplishments you would bring to the undergraduate student body. Be sure to read the question very well and when answering, focus your answer to the question, don’t you ever stray from the question.

College admission personal statement

When doing a college application statement of purpose, be sure to comply with the word and space limitations given in the application; the school uses them to tell you how deep they want you to go in your analysis and description. If you have a choice, short is better. Feel free to express your emotions within appropriate limits, even to reveal contradictory emotions.