Olin College Application Requirements

Undergraduate Requirements for Olin College Application

Olin College is a private institution located in Needham, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1997 and currently has 334 students, 48% are female and 52% are male. It ranked #21 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and #4 out of 63 best Massachusetts colleges.

Olin College offers bachelor as its highest academic degree. The degree programs offered at Olin College are focused on undergraduate engineering – electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering and engineering with various concentrations. Three of the most popular majors in Olin College are:

  1. Engineering, General
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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Olin College is extremely selective with only 16% acceptance rate. Out of 768 applications, it only admitted 126 students and 82 enrolled. The following are the Olin College application requirements for first year students:

  • Common Application
  • School Report Form
  • Counselor Recommendation
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Two Teacher Evaluations
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Current Senior Grades
  • Interview
  • AP and IB Exam Scores (Optional)

There are many factors that would affect your Olin College application but your standardized test scores are crucial part of your admission. For your Olin College admissions, students should comply with the following scores for SAT and ACT:

  • SAT Reading: 710 – 800
  • SAT Math: 730 – 800
  • SAT Writing: 680 – 770
  • ACT: 32 – 35

The deadline of submission for your Olin College application is January 1 for regular decisions.

Olin College Admissions Tips and Guide from Experts

The total cost of attendance at Olin College is $69,282 before financial aid. Tuition reduction is common when students apply for scholarships; in fact, 100% of freshmen receive financial aid that average to $31,977 and $60,529 is awarded to students from low income families. The average financial aid package of Olin College is $36,673 in which 82 freshmen receive $31,619 in scholarships and 6 students get $4,887 each in federal grant aid. Click here for more information about financial aid packages available at Olin College:

Students often have a hard time when it comes to college applications and this is understandable given the level of competency especially when applying to schools like Olin College. Here are helpful tricks from experts for your Olin College application:

  1. Consider the deadline and prepare ahead to avoid cramming. If you are required for evaluations and recommendation, choose carefully the most credible person for the task as this is crucial in your application.
  2. Write a winning essay that will demonstrate not only your proficiency but also effectiveness. Your personal statement can be used to show your readers more than just your accomplishments but also your personality and value.
  3. Although interviews are optional at Olin College, it is still important that you take advantage of this. Interviews help students by answering effectively thus allowing the admission committee to see your interest.
  4. Avoid any form of errors from typos, grammar errors to plagiarism in any part of your application. Take the time to customize your application as this will improve your chances of admission.
  5. Lastly, get professional help online. There are many services offered by experts for smooth application process. You can get advice, guidance, assistance and even feedback from your essays and letters.
  6. Find alternatives, e.g. read about Pitzer College requirements.

Why You Should Choose Olin College

  • Olin College strives to prepare students in being innovators in their chosen field of expertise by providing them top education.
  • The school encourages creativity and innovation. It also gives its students room to develop their various interests, skills and talent with the help of clubs, organizations and activities.
  • Olin College has 7 buildings comprising a 382,000 square feet of academic, residential and administrative space.
  • It is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. Olin College is one of the best ranked schools.
  • Olin College has acclaimed scholars as teachers and they are committed to teaching excellence. 8:1 is the student to faculty ration in Olin College.

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