Muhlenberg College Requirements

Critical Muhlenberg College Requirements for Incoming Freshmen

Muhlenberg College is a private school located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1848 and currently has 2,440 students, 40% are male and 60% are female. It is ranked #210 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and #21 out of best Pennsylvania colleges.

Bachelor is the highest degree Muhlenberg College offers. It has 40 academic majors, 22 intercollegiate sports and 100 different clubs and organizations. Muhlenberg College also provides teaching certifications, pre professional and cooperative programs. The best ranked major in Muhlenberg College is Drama and Theater Arts. Four of the most popular majors are:

  1. Business Administration and Management, General
  2. Crafts/Craft Design, Folk Art and Artisan
  3. Psychology, General
  4. Finance, General

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Muhlenberg College has a 43% acceptance rate. Out of 4,877 applications, it admitted 2,108 and 584 enrolled. The following are Muhlenberg College requirements for first year applicants:

  • Secondary School Record
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Personal Statement Essay
  • Interview
  • Official Transcript
  • Letters of Recommendation

Applicants should note the Muhlenberg College requirements for test scores. Here are guidelines for your SAT and ACT:

  • SAT Reading: 560 – 660
  • SAT Math: 560 – 660
  • SAT Writing: 560 – 660
  • ACT: 25 – 31

The deadline of submission for your Muhlenberg College application is February 15 for regular decision.

Muhlenberg College Admissions Guide to Tuition and Financial Aid

The annual cost of attendance in Muhlenberg College is $59,280 excluding books and personal expenses. There is tuition reduction for those who qualify for scholarships and grants. In fact, 89% of freshmen in Muhlenberg College receive financial aid average to $19,661 while $36,435 is provided to students from low income families. Muhlenberg College has a financial aid package worth $26,958; 514 students receive $18,664 in average worth of scholarships and 55 students were awarded $7,268 each in federal grant aid. Here are useful links for more information about financial aid packages available at Muhlenberg College:

For students struggling in their Muhlenberg College admissions, here are tips from experts that you can surely use:

  1. Research is vital part in your Muhlenberg College application. Find out the basics like requirements, deadlines, financial aid availability and programs.
  2. Make sure that you familiarize yourself on information regarding Muhlenberg College as this will come helpful in your interview.
  3. Aside from your interview, applicants should also make sure that their essays and letters are well written and perfectly embody their level of proficiency.
  4. Seek advice from faculty members, teachers and even your parents as any input is essential part to help build up your application and submit the best Muhlenberg College requirements.
  5. Finally, there are services online dedicated to providing students the necessary help to ensure the success of their applications.
  6. If you want to have additional opportunities, find out New England College requirements.

Why You Should Choose Muhlenberg College

  • Muhlenberg College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
  • There are over 310,000 volumes and 360,000 microforms on campus. The library offers you the best resource to research and study.
  • 11:1 is the study to faculty ratio. 85% of faculty members in Muhlenberg College have PhD or other terminal degree.
  • Majority of all students in Muhlenberg College receive need based or merit aid.
  • Muhlenberg College promotes curiosity, innovative, character and creativity in their students.

If you have any problems with Muhlenberg College requirements or the application procedures, make sure that you get help from the best academic support online now!