Check Montclair State University Transfer Essay

There are many reasons why students move to another university. It may be that they are moving to a new location, they want to take up a course that is not available in their current college or university, or perhaps they want to be enrolled in one of the best schools of today. Regardless of the reasons, most universities and colleges will ask transfer students to send in an essay along with their accomplished transfer application for them to be able to gauge their writing and thinking abilities. The same goes true for those who are applying as a Montclair State University transfer student, Georgetown University transfer or San Diego State University transfer. Aside from the usual transcripts, you will also have to submit a personal statement or essay.

What to Consider in Your Montclair State University Transfer Essay

Aside from completing the Transfer Application of Montclair State University as well as putting together all the documents required including transcripts of records, course outline, SAT and ACT if needed, you will also need to submit a personal statement. The personal statement is necessary for the school to distinguish you from the other applicants. Although there are schools that don’t really require their transfer students to send in an essay just like those who are applying for San Diego State University transfer, in Montclair, you will have to. The subject is fairly simple to begin with: all that you have to do is describe what made you decide to transfer to the University and list the courses that appeal to you the most. You will also have to expound on your academic and personal background and achievements for the admissions panel to get a better idea on who you are as a student and as an individual.

How to Build an Impressive Essay for Montclair State University Transfer Application

Personal statements are one of the hardest to write especially when it comes applying in a university because you will be talking mostly about yourself. Others look forward to this section in their application because it is where they get the chance to shine. For those who are not feeling too confident with their writing abilities, here are a few tips that can help you get over this particular obstacle in your transfer application.

  • Jot down your thoughts – Montclair State University wants to know why you want to transfer so think of all the reasons why you want to change schools. Choose among your list two or three that you can expound on.
  • Write relevant information – Just because you are writing a personal statement it doesn’t mean that you have to go back to when you first started as a student. You should focus on your current academic standing, your skills that you think will fit perfectly with the school, as well as your experiences and achievements that are related to the major that you want to apply in.
  • Be clear and concise – Regardless of what you write, you always need to be clear and concise. Your readers will be confused if you keep changing your main ideas. Make sure that your thoughts are organized as it will reflect in your writing.
  • Add personality – The admissions panel will be going through hundreds of applications so give them something worth reading. Adding personality to your writing can help liven your statement but don’t overdo it. You still need to remain professional in your personal statement as much as possible.
  • Proofread – This is an important step to take when you write an essay because proofreading your work can help you find errors in your writing and fix them accordingly.

montclair state university transferWhy Personal Statements are Needed

You might be wondering what the big deal is with personal statements. For one thing, this is one of the places where you can prove that you are worth considering for the transfer because you have a unique story to tell. The admissions panel look beyond the academic standing of an individual because they want to know whether you have the skills and the personality to be able to fit in the kind of environment that they have.