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Kenyon College is a private school located in Gambier, Ohio. It was founded in 1824 and currently has 1,662 students enrolled, 55% are female and 45% are male. It is ranked #47 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and #1 out of 56 best Ohio colleges. Kenyon College has a 10:1 student to faculty ratio with high freshmen retention rate.

Kenyon College offers more than 50 majors, minors and concentrations to its students. It also provides flexible curriculum which gives the students the ability to customize their education based on their chosen interdisciplinary programs. The school is also best ranked for English Language and Literature, General Major. The five most popular majors in Kenyon College are:

  1. Economics, General
  2. English Language and Literature, General
  3. Political Science and Government, General
  4. Psychology, General
  5. International/Global Studies

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Kenyon College is highly selective with only 24% acceptance rate. Out of 7,076 applications, it only admitted 1,704 and 498 enrolled. For those who wish to apply, the following are Kenyon College requirements:

  • Admission Interview
  • Completion of College Preparatory Program
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Secondary School GPA
  • Secondary School Record
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Official transcripts
  • Application Essay

Given that Kenyon College is more selective, it is vital that you comply with the guidelines of scores of your standardized test. Here are required scores for your SAT and ACT:

  • SAT Reading: 630 – 730
  • SAT Math: 610 – 690
  • SAT Writing: 620 – 720
  • ACT: 28 – 32

The deadlines of application are November 15 for early decision I, January 15 for early decision II and January 15 for regular decision.

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The annual attendance cost at Kenyon College is between $5,013 And $62,160 but the school offers financial aid packages for a lesser rate than the net price. 44% of freshmen in Kenyon College receive financial aid amounting to $33,226 in average while those from low income families can get an average of $57,147 in their first year. The average scholarships and grants offered by Kenyon College is $38,568; 212 freshmen were awarded $32,379 in scholarships while another 37 students got an average of $4,384 each in federal grant aid. Click here for more information about the availability of financial aid packages at Kenyon College:

The competition is definitely tough once you decide to apply in Kenyon College but our top tips will ensure that you can enjoy stress free admission:

  1. Interview is optional in Kenyon College but you will also be evaluated based in your interest to take advantage of this opportunity to show the admission committee your dedication.
  2. Take note of different dates in deadlines. Assess if early decision is best for you or if you should opt for regular application.
  3. Organize and gather all Kenyon College requirements important in your application. Before you submit it, ensure its accuracy, quality and effectiveness.
  4. Research about experiences from previous applicants at Kenyon College. You can definitely use their comments and feedbacks to make changes on your application thus maximizing its success.
  5. Avail academic resource online with experts. Professionals are available anytime to guide you in your Kenyon College application.
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Why You Should Choose Kenyon College

  • Kenyon College is located in a beautiful, 1,000 acre campus and half of which are nature preserve making it the perfect place to learn and enjoy.
  • The school boasts its exceptional academic programs and opportunities that enhance the student’s level of proficiency in their field.
  • The strict selective process of Kenyon College guarantees that all students are passionate, proficient and dedicated in achieving greatness. You can learn not only in the classroom but also by communing with other students.
  • Majority of the faculty members in Kenyon College hold PhD or terminal degree in their field.
  • The life of students at Kenyon College is active, multifaceted and challenging in a sense that the school itself proves to be a breeding ground for talented and passionate students.

Explore the Kenyon College requirements and admission rating to see if you have what it takes to get into one of the leading schools in US.