Kean University Overview

Students look for a university that has a good and high rank in the nation because they are assured to get the education they want. It also means that they will get a wonderful future if the school has a high rank. With that in mind, Kean University ranking is good. When it comes to academics, the institution received B. For more information, check this out:

  •  Athletics: B+
  • Campus dining: A

  • Computers: B

  • Diversity: A

  • Drug safety: B+

  • Campus housing: B+

The school receives a high rank base on each evaluation. They receive A, B, B+ and other ranking. Studying in the university allows students to explore and enhance their skills. They are offering great opportunities for students allowing them to excel in the program or path they choose.

Kean University Overview

Kean University is a public research institution that is located in Hillside and Union, New Jersey, United States. The university serves the students in sciences, liberal arts and other programs. It is known for programs that include social sciences, education and humanities. In addition, the school was founded in the year 1855 in Newark, New Jersey. Over the years, the university becomes the third largest of higher education in the nation. They are hosting numerous research institutions. For the Kean University Programs: Like any other great and prestigious universities, Kean University has many programs to offer to students that include:

  • Accounting

  • Art history

  • Athletic training

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Criminal Justice

  • Communication

  • Finance

  • English

  • Health Information Management

  • Marketing

  • Nursing

  • Physical Education

  • Public Administration

Kean University programs are gazillion. You can check out the website of the school to know all the programs they are offering whether it is undergraduate or graduate programs. You are assured that the program you want is available in the institution.

Kean University Application Requirements

  • Submit online application and pay a non-refundable $75 fee.
  • Submit your TOR, SAT and ACT
  • Furnish two LOR or letters of recommendation.
  • Write your personal essay about your educational and professional goals.
  • Write down and submit your accomplishments.

Kean University is one of the largest and well-known universities in the nation that means student will meet their needs and goals. Applying and getting into the institution is a good option. Don’t miss the opportunity and become part of Kean University. Learn more about this prestigious school and check out their official website to learn more about the overview.

How to Write the Kean University Personal Statement

Become one of the most successful applicants for Kean University! Submit your best personal statement that highlights your educational and professional goals in life. Do not also hesitate to seek help from your professional Kean University personal statement writers online to increase your chances of being accepted.