Juniata College Application Requirements

Juniata College Application Guide for Easy Admissions

Juniata College is a private institution located in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1876 and currently has 1,615, 54% are female and 46% are male. It is ranked #189 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and #18 out of 95 best Pennsylvania colleges. Juniata College has a 13:1 student to faculty ratio with high freshmen retention rate.

Juniata College has a strong National Liberal Arts program. Master’s is the highest degree it offers its students and also provides internships and study abroad opportunities. The school has an outstanding postgraduate success and students can choose from a great number of academic programs, discipline and areas of expertise. Three of the most popular majors in Juniata College are:

  1. Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  2. Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services
  3. Education

Juniata College has a 71% acceptance rate. Out of 2,144 applicants, 1,528 were admitted and 363 enrolled. For potential students, you should be able to submit the following requirements:

  • Secondary School Record
  • Official transcripts
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Application Essay
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Interview

It is also essential that students comply with the guidelines set by Juniata College in terms of test scores. The following are required SAT and ACT scores for your Juniata College application:

  • SAT Reading: 510 – 630
  • SAT Math: 510 – 620
  • SAT Writing: 480 – 600
  • ACT: 23 – 29

The deadline of application submission is February 15 for regular decision, November 15 for early decision and January 1 for early decision II.

Complete Info for Tuition, Programs and Juniata College Admissions

The total, annual attendance cost in Juniata College is $53,760 but 100% of incoming freshmen receive financial aid thus allowing a cheaper net price than the actual tuition. Freshmen in Juniata College were awarded an average of $23,064 while those from low income families got an average of $33,326 in aid in their first year. Juniata College allocates $30,656 in financial aid package for its students in which 391 incoming freshmen received $20,841 while another group of 96 students were awarded $4,666 each in federal grant aid.

For students who want to ensure success in their college application, here are few tips from experts for quick, effective Juniata College admissions:

  1. Before you send in your application, make sure that you research about the academic programs, availability of financial aid, facilities and application process of the school.
  2. Gather all essential requirements and make sure that everything complies with the guidelines set by Juniata College.
  3. Proofread your essay; never tolerate any errors as this could compromise your application.
  4. Schedule an interview as this will help create an impact in your application.
  5. Get academic help to ease your way to the lengthy and possibly stressful application process. Experts are willing to guide and assist you 24/7.
  6. Try to find additional information about other colleges, it can be Kenyon College requirements.

Why You Should Choose Juniata College

  • Juniata College is best known for its student’s success after graduating nationally and internationally.
  • The location of Juniata College is perfect for students who want to feel at home. The campus is safe, secure and beautiful.
  • It has an active social community thus allowing its students to meet new people in various backgrounds.
  • Juniata College offers programs of emphasis to its students – a first in the US.
  • The school has an outstanding rate of graduates and majority of its students continue its postgraduate with great success.

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