How to Write an Essay for Transfer Admission

How important is your transfer admission essay?

The fact that you have to make an application to your new school or college tells you that the process is not going to be cut and dry. There is certain amount of selection in place even for a transfer and if your application does not cut it you may find your transfer refused. While most of your application is made up of your academic record that is not all that your new school is looking for. They will want to see exactly who you are through your transfer admission essay and this is why you have to ensure that it is written perfectly.

What to include within your transfer admission essays

Your transfer admissions application is very similar to any other college application and your transfer essay is going to be very similar to any other form of personal statement for application with just a few minor changes. Your essay for transfer admission needs to cover all of the following areas:

  • Why you are interested in your specific major, how have you pursued it until now
  • What did you get out of your current school
  • Why is it that you want to transfer to this specific school
  • How will studying with them affect your future career and other plans
  • Show that you have the skills and commitment that they expect to see

How to write a college admissions essay for your transfer

It is not enough to just cover what they are expecting to read within your essay for transfer admission. You also have to ensure that your style of writing is going to engage them and get them to see you as being suitable for acceptance:

  • Open with an anecdote, quotation or fact that will get their attention right from the start
  • Ensure that your essay has a logical flow throughout
  • Never give negative reasons for leaving your last school such as “it was too difficult” or that you “did not like the tutors”
  • Ensure that your reasons for moving to their school are valid, don’t say that you are following your girlfriend or boyfriend for instance
  • Ensure that your writing is concise and free of irrelevant filler
  • Never use clichés or make any form of obvious statement
  • Use language that is free of slang, profanity or acronyms; also do not try to be clever using words that few will understand

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