How to Write a Successful Medical School Transfer Essay

How important are your medical school transfer essays?

A medical school transfer is not something that can be completed on a whim and there are no guarantees that another school will accept you. So you have to ensure that your medical school transfer application is written perfectly and is going to impress the school into which you hope to transfer. The most important part of your transfer application is going to be your medical school essays. These are your opportunity to both sell yourself as a suitable student and to explain clearly why you want to transfer. Your medical transfer essay is well written can be the deciding factor in your acceptance.

What should your medical school transfer essay contain?

There are several areas that your Stanford transfer application for medical school needs to cover if you want to ensure that your application is treated seriously. You need to cover all of the following points:

  • Show why you want to follow a career in medicine; how did you become interested, how your interests have evolved, how you have pursued those interests
  • Explain what you have gained through being with your current school
  • Provide specific valid reasons why you want to move to their school
  • Show how their school is vital to your future career
  • Demonstrate that you have all of the skills to complete their course

What to avoid when writing your essay for medical school transfer

There are many applications for transfer and many are not successful due to the students making fundamental mistakes when writing their transfer essays. You have to ensure that you avoid all of the following when writing your essay:

  • Never say anything negative about your current medical school
  • Never give something you don’t like about your current school as a reason for transferring
  • Never use “trivial” reasons for transferring; make sure they are sound and academically based
  • Never use clichés or make obvious statements
  • Never waste your word count using filler; always be concise with your writing
  • Never use slang, profanities, acronyms, or overly complicated words that people will not understand
  • Never use humor within your essay
  • Never lie or exaggerate

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