How to Start Answering College Essay Writing Prompts

There may not be a shortage of good college essay writing prompts available at your disposal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to write up an impressive essay instantly. It still takes a certain deal of effort, and part of that involves picking the right source of inspiration, perhaps through college prompt essay examples, to begin with. Lucky for you, it’s not that hard to find a list of college essay prompts to draw your inspiration from. And what’s more, you only really need to check out a handful of them to get the ball rolling on your college application essay writing process.

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Tips for choosing college essay writing prompts

College essay writing prompts are usually given by the colleges themselves, as they require students to submit college application essays along with their other application requirements. Prospective college students can often turn to these writing prompts but in case they are not given by the college, there are still other sources out there. For instance, there are five prompts that appear on the “new” Common Application, according to These five prompts alone can be the source of at least 15 different topics, as they can each be spread out over three sub-topics, namely personal, academic, and extra-curricular. And then of course, there are also the other sub-topic options available to each individual based on their own knowledge, skills, and overall life experience. In other words, there could be an endless number of topics to cover based on just a handful of different college essay prompts.

 How to use writing prompts for college students

To begin writing a college essay with the help of prompts, you have to remember that they are supposed to be used mainly as sources of inspiration and starting points for your actual piece. So take the writing prompts – which usually come in the form of a question – and formulate a simple answer. You can use that as your essay’s thesis.  And that’s the main thing you must remember to make the most of college essay writing prompts.