How We Work

At we have a very simplified ordering process when students come to us for successful college essays. The order form on our site has a few questions for you to answer so that you can provide us with the details of the college essay that you require. It is not detailed and will only take you about ten minutes or so to complete. There is nothing to get stressed about in completing this form. It gives us the necessary information to assist you in writing a college essay.  We review the information and based on your answers we select a writer from our team that is the best match in terms of the academic level of writing and the discipline.

How to Make Payment for Successful College Essays

We have a secure payment processing system at You don’t have to worry that your financial or banking information will become part of the public domain opening you up to identity theft. We have taken the ultimate precautions against this. In the event that you are not satisfied with our services or if you decide that you would prefer to do the writing on your own, then you can receive a refund for the payment that you make for any successful college essays from our site.

Once we receive your order and your payment, the writer will be assigned to you for writing the college essay. We will get in contact with you if there is any need of further clarification of the information that you provided in the order form for successful college essays. As the writing a college essay progresses you will receive regular updates from

Previewing the Drafts of Successful College Essays

When you place an order from you are not left in the dark about the writing process. When the first draft of the essay is complete you will receive an attachment in an email and have an opportunity to read what has been written so far. Then you can request changes and the writer will make the changes for you. This process will continue until you are completely satisfied with the writing. All the successful college essays orders are completed in this manner.

Once you are satisfied with the essay, the process of editing, proofreading and final formatting begins. You will receive the final draft of the essay in a final email and all you have to do is print it off for submission. We offer a stress-free method of obtaining successful college essays for each client. Each order qualifies you for a discount on your next order and this email will contain the code needed to get the reduced rate on future orders from