Hendrix College Requirements

Hendrix College Requirements for Guaranteed Undergraduate Admission

Hendrix College is a private school located in Conway, Arkansas. It was founded in 1876 and currently has 1,348 students, 55% are female and 45% are male. It is ranked #299 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and #1 out of 18 Arkansas colleges.

Hendrix College offers its students 34 majors and 39 minors in three different areas, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. It also has interdisciplinary and master’s degrees. The school also extends various academic programs to students that intend to nurture their various interests like Hendrix-Murphy program or the Odyssey program. Five of the most popular majors in Hendrix College are:

  1. Biology/Biological Sciences
  2. Sociology
  3. Psychology
  4. Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
  5. Physical Sciences

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Hendrix College has an 83% acceptance rate. Out of 1,526 who applied, 1,259 were admitted and 375 enrolled. The following are the necessary Hendrix College requirements for first year students:

  • Common Application
  • Secondary School Report
  • Official Transcript
  • Standardized Test
  • Application Essay
  • Letters of Recommendation

For standardized tests, applicants should be able to comply with the guideline test scores. Here are SAT and ACT scores essential for Hendrix College application:

  • SAT Reading: 640 – 680
  • SAT Math: 580 – 660
  • ACT: 25 – 32

The application deadline is November 15 for early action, February 1 for early action II and any time after February 1 for regular admission.

Hendrix College Application Information for Students

The total attendance cost at Hendrix College is $54,020 but students can choose on various scholarships and grants to avail lesser net price. 100% of freshmen receive financial aid that amounted to $29,459 and $33,486 was allotted to students from low income families. Hendrix College has a $36,894 worth of financial aid package for its incoming freshmen. 435 were awarded an average of $26,629 in scholarships and $4,710 each in federal grant aid was given to 92 students. Click here for more information about financial aid packages at Hendrix College:

Application to competitive schools like Hendrix College can be difficult for most which is why we have compiled top 5 professional tips for an easy application process:

  1. Create a checklist for Hendrix College requirements and a personalized calendar on all important dates. You can save time when you can organize all crucial information for your application.
  2. Pay extra attention to your essays and letters of recommendation. These help establish your expertise and competency which is why admissions committee is very specific with any written requirement.
  3. Never tolerate any mistakes in your application as this reflects your level of proficiency, whether its errors in your common application or typos in your essays.
  4. Personalize your application especially when you are applying to multiple schools. Do not assume that your application to School A will work in School B.
  5. Utilize available resources online. Expert services are available 24/7 to provide students the necessary help in their college applications.
  6. If you want to have alternative, check Hampshire College application rules.

Why You Should Choose Hendrix College

  • Hendrix College offers you not only top tier education but also a fun experience. You can nurture your academic and social life in this school.
  • The school offers one on one interaction with teachers which makes it the perfect environment for those who want a personalized learning method.
  • Hendrix College is also situated in a beautiful campus and homey city. It is the perfect combination of school and home.
  • It provides various types of activities and organizations for every type of students. This is good place to develop your interests and skills.
  • Hendrix College is an oasis in liberal arts and fosters full spectrum of art, science, political and social learning.

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