Help to Write Harvard University Transfer Essay

Transferring to Harvard University is a big step to take as it is one of the most popular schools in the country which means that you will be competing with thousands of applicants who want to belong in this prestigious school. As a Harvard University transfer, it is important that you meet all the requirements asked such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, as well as personal statement among others. The University has a list of all the necessary requirements on their website which you can check if you want to transfer to this school.

Harvard University Transfer Requirements and Essay

Among the requirements that you are expected to hand over along with your Harvard transfer application or Rutgers transfer one are your transcripts of your secondary school, transcripts of finished post-secondary institution, your score in your ACT or SAT, two letters of recommendation from your previous mentors or school board, and Official Report from the your administrative officer or dean. Aside from the papers mentioned above, you will also need to prepare a personal essay where you need to write about why you want to transfer to the University.

The personal essay is one of the most important parts of your Harvard transfer application because it is here where you get to show more of your personal background. The transcripts are focused more on your academic history but it is in your personal statement where you get to talk about why you want to become part of the Harvard life. This means, that you need to develop a well written statement that will give the admissions panel a better idea on who you are as a person and as a potential transfer student.

How to Improve Your Harvard Transfer Admissions Personal Essay

Your personal essay is one of the key elements to your transfer application just like when applying as a Rutgers transfer which is why you need to develop your personal statement properly. Here are a few tips that you need to consider when writing your community college transfer essay:

  • State your reasons. Your personal essay is where you get to talk about why you want to transfer to Harvard. List your reasons and expound on them.
  • Be clear and concise. You will need to be clear in your writing to ensure that you are understood right from the start. Don’t veer off topic.
  • Simplify. You don’t really have to write highfalutin words in your essay just to show that you are an amazing writer. Even simple but powerful sentences can do the job better.
  • Proofread. You’ll probably get tired of hearing that you will need to proofread your work but this is important. Proofreading your essay before you send it in helps you to find any errors in your writing.
  • Get feedback. Ask someone to take a look at your essay so they can give you their impression. If you can, ask several people so you will know whether your essay is good or not.

Create a Personal Statement that Stands Out

harvard university transferYour personal statement plays an important role when you apply as a Harvard University transfer since it is here where you get to really share more about yourself. Here you can add more personality to your writing so that the admissions officer will understand you better. Of course, you are tasked to send a professional looking essay along with your application but this shouldn’t stop you from adding more depth to your writing by injecting a bit of your personality. A warm and heartfelt essay is much better compared to having to write without feelings since it resonates better with your reader.