Great University of Maryland Transfer Essay

It doesn’t matter whether you are applying as a University of Maryland transfer, a Harvard University transfer or as a University of Miami transfer, you will have to write an essay to go along with your transfer application. Students from all over the world have the option to transfer schools as they see fit. Even those who are studying abroad can apply as a transfer student in the University of Maryland provided that they meet the school’s transfer requirements.

Who are eligible to transfer to University of Maryland? Those who have completed secondary school or its equivalent as well as having 30 semester credits to their name can apply for transfer. You will also need to submit transcript of records from high school to college, as well as your ACT or SAT scores to determine your academic capabilities. You will also need to fill out the transfer application form online so they can create an account that will help them monitor your application requirements.

What is the University of Maryland Transfer Essay?

Applying as a Maryland University transfer student also means that you will need to write an essay. It is usually a short essay where you will be asked to write about what made you decide to transfer to this university. At 300 words, you need to tell your reasons for wanting to enroll in the said school. However, this isn’t just simply stating your reasons but also convincing your readers that you are worth considering as a transfer student. To do this, you will need to write an exceptionally written essay.

Aside from the 300 word essay stating your reasons for transfer, you also have the option of writing an essay that reflects more of your academic background and extracurricular activities that you think are related to the course you want to take in the University of Maryland. Here you can focus more on what makes you the perfect candidate for the transfer program.

How to Write a Great Essay for University of Maryland Transfer Application

What can you do to make a good impression with your essay? Here are a few tips that are worth considering when writing an essay.

  • university of maryland transferFollow the Prompt – The best way to start your essay is to take note of the prompt in the transfer application which, in this case, is to write why you want to move to the University of Maryland.
  • Write relevant information – You should write information that is related to the topic only. Don’t write anything else especially since you have limited word count.
  • Stick to the word count – Don’t go beyond the 300 word count when writing your essay. You can write longer in your other essay.
  • Write professionally – Your essay will be used to gauge whether you can communicate your thoughts properly. Writing in a professional manner can help impress your readers.
  • Double check your work – A good essay is one that is free of any errors. Double checking your work can help in determining whether there are any mistakes that you need to correct before sending in your application and essay.

Prepare for Your Essay

The best way to prepare for your essay for your University of Maryland transfer application is to start early. Learn more about what the University is looking for in its students as this can help you write your essay in the right tone. There are plenty of samples online that you can read to guide you in your writing.